November 17th

Thanksgiving Outreach

It’s time for our annual Thanksgiving Outreach. Last year we were able to provide a meal for over 60 families in our community. This year, the goal is to serve 80 families and here is how you can help!Starting next Sunday we ask that you would bring in the following items:

Canned goods: carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes/yams,cranberry, fruit, and gravy, Dry Goods: boxed mashed potatoes, stuffing, brownie mix, fruit juice,and applesauce. Laundry Baskets (to carry food) and $25.00 Shop Rite Gift Cards (for turkey). A drop off box will be in the entrance area.

Every Thursday, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Leap of Faith Recovery:

This is a support group for those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. Come and take a leap of faith into freedom.  Meetings will be held every Thursday at the YMCA located at 359 Pennington Ave, Trenton.

Transformation Church Media Team

As a Church committed to being culturally relevant, we realize we live in a culture that is becoming more and more visual. Therefore, we will be starting a new Media Team lead by James Okore. If any one has knowledge of working in this field or willing to learn please email James at

Sunday Block Engage: NOW June 24th

Silent Retreat for Women

All women are invited to sign up for a 5 hour silent retreat on one of three Mondays this fall. Please arrive at 9 AM, ready to focus your whole attention on seeking God through a provided Scripture and prayer, first alone and then listening to the stories of other women. There are spaces for six women each Monday. October 1, October 29, and December 3. Sign up (first come first served) with Diane Uy at 708-466-1329 or

Life Groups

We are focused on ensuring that you take the necessary steps to grow effectively in your walk with Jesus Christ. Life Groups are a small gathering of people who experience life together in community and with God. These groups allow us to get to know others, learn biblical truths and receive support when needed. It's not too late.  Click on the "LifeGroups" link in the heading to see the opportunities.

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